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Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Cancer struck boy control medical college for a day

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Udaipur : The Pacific Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) administration loosened rules for a human cause here on Wednesday. Hemant Lohar, a 17-year-old boy reading in class ten was allowed to sit on the Principal’s chair and control the college- hospital for the day. The teenager boy a cancer patient, battling the disease on the fourth an critical stage, is perhaps the first one in the country to receive such honor. It has been the boy’s ardent desire to govern a medical college one day after becoming a doctor when he grow up. However, realizing his medical condition, senior surgeon Dr. K.C Vyas, communicated the boy’s dream to the college administration which acceded it . On Wednesday, Hemant presided the meeting of the HODs, heard grievances of some of the medical students, instructed the staff to meet out the issues and even went out for a round with the doctor’s robe on.

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Hemant son of Bhanwarlal is a resident of ChantiaKhedi village in Gogunda who is told to be suffering from gastric cancer and stands least chances of survival. The current fourth stage of the disease, which he is going through, cannot be cured even by chemo or radiotherapy, experts said. Hemant had complained of severe stomach and limbs pain eight months ago and his family had taken him to nearby dispensaries for treatment. However, when he wasn’t relieved of the pain, his family brought him at PMCH where he was diagnosed of Leukemia. But it had been late by then as the cancerous cells had spread to other parts of his body.

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“It is our duty to give the patients the best quality of life and care we can while we can. And so by helping the boy to cherish his dream, even for a day, was as delightful and satisfying for us as for him” said Principal and Controller Dr. S.S. Surana who assisted Hemant in carrying out his responsibilities. There was even a name plate outside the chamber which read “ Prof. Dr. Hemant Lohar” and the boy was even greeted with a salute by the guard as he entered the campus. “ I believe, the pleasure Hemant got today would benefit him more than the medicines he is having at this stage because inner happiness cause miracles” said Dr D.P Aggrawal, the president. The hospital has even announced free treatment to the boy due to the poor financial status of his family.


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