Can I do the Scrum Master certification online?

Scrum helps corporations manage massive projects, boost team accountability, and save costs. Agile project management changes requirements or goals. A Scrum Master helps large teams implement Scrum. Becoming a certified Scrum Master boosts credibility, demand, and earnings.

Let’s discuss Scrum Master certification online.

Top Certification programs for Scrum Masters

Aspirants can benefit significantly from the following courses and certifications. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification from Scrum Alliance

The Scrum Alliance is the largest professional agile organization with more than a million members. They grant the title of “Certified Scrum Master” (CSM). Scrum Alliance’s CSM certification program for Scrum Masters was their top pick for the most satisfactory overall scrum certification.

To earn a Scrum Alliance certification, students must first connect with trained instructors and coaches before taking a formal exam. Everyone who wishes to become a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) from the Scrum Alliance must complete the certification training.

Throughout the world, Scrum Alliance provides both in-person and live online training. For $495, students can take two-day online courses that last seven to eight and a half hours each. They will take the class over three days, lasting four and a half hours. A typical in-person training program consists of two eight-hour days with a 10% discount for groups of three or more. The cost usually is $1,199. The exam cost, which can take at the end of each course, is included in all course costs.

  • Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification from PMI

There are currently more than 700,000 global members of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and over 300 local chapters worldwide. It is the most significant credential for Agile Scrum since it includes four Agile qualifications, including some that boost the reputation of Scrum Masters.

As part of the PMI-ACP (Professional Certification for Agile Practitioners), PMI certifies not just Scrum Masters but also Kanban practitioners, XP practitioners, Lean practitioners, and those who practice test-driven development (TDD). Scrum Masters and companies alike choose the PMI-ACP credential because it covers many Agile and Scrum principles and practices.

  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) certification from Scaled Agile

Scaled Agile designed the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) certification to provide the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) certification. It is the gold standard for excellent SAFe training. Thus, candidates can choose Scaled Agile as the best SAFe Scrum Master certification option. As a SAFe Scrum Master, you will have a better chance of finding a position in an enterprise-level company.

To establish high-performing Agile teams that can offer maximum business value at scale, Scaled Agile’s SAFe Scrum Master certification focuses on the principles of team-level Scrum. Agile concepts and principles and a practical understanding of software and hardware development processes are recommended for Scaled Agile certification attendees despite no formal prerequisites for the certification.

Is it worth becoming a Certified Scrum Master?

Demand for qualified and experienced Scrum Masters increases as more and more firms implement Agile and Scrum methodologies for project management. Scrum Masters have a higher level of knowledge than traditional project managers because of their training in the established process.

There is no alternative for real-world experience, but certification adds an added layer of legitimacy and professionalism and makes a Scrum Master more attractive to potential employers.

How do I become a certified professional?

The first step is to find a course that interests you:

  • Find your course

Learn from instructors all across the world by searching their course catalogs. You’ll be able to select the appropriate class for your needs because each class is unique.

  • Enroll in a course

Complete an online or in-person CSM course. A certified trainer provides at least 14 hours of instruction in each CSM course.

  • Pass the exam

By completing the CSM exam within the 60-minute time limit, you’ll be able to activate your Scrum Alliance certification account.

Is it possible to earn a certification in Scrum Master online?

“Yes.” is the quickest and most straightforward answer. Most enterprises and organizations in the corporate sector have adopted the Scrum technique without reservation, and they are reaping the benefits every day.

First and foremost, Scrum’s popularity can be attributed to its remarkable efficacy. A wide range of tools, strategies and strategic plans is provided to effectively manage large software development projects. The Scrum approach is a must-have for project managers and team leaders worldwide who want to complete their assignments successfully.

Consequently, becoming a certified scrum master is a popular career choice for many people in the project management field. As long as you have sources like Simplilearn online learning platform, you can become a certified scrum master. This course is available online. For the CSM certification course, there is a two-day session.

A testing facility isn’t necessary for you. A computer-based test is administered instead of a traditional classroom setting. The Scrum methodology fundamentals are taught in the workshop, enabling the participants to function as full-fledged scrum masters in the real world.

How will the exam be?

Examinees will face a total of 50 questions. For the exam, you have one hour to finish it. You must earn at least 74% or 37 correct answers to pass. Although the exam you see may differ from the one others receive, all four versions aim to include the same difficulty level questions. Certified Scrum Master courses offer all the material you’ll need to succeed on the exam. 

Is there a time limit for this exam?

The exam is 1 hour long. You must take the exam within 90 days of taking the Certified Scrum Master course. If you mistakenly close the window, reopen it. 

Closing lines – Take a great step to excel in your career!

Want to become a Scrum trainer? This profession requires method, expertise, and experience. If you work hard, get the necessary training and qualification, and show a love for Scrum, you can become a superb trainer. Scrum Master certification is easier to obtain, and you can begin managing projects right away. You can earn more money and move up the corporate ladder faster if you show excellent management and leadership abilities.

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