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Famous for its architecture, paintings and festivals, Bundi is a small city in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan. Situated 36 km from Kota, the city is set in narrow encircling gorge and appears like a miniature painting.

Termed as ‘Queen of Hadoti’, the city gets its name from king Bundi Meena of the Meena tribe, a prominent local tribe. The city was named as ‘Bundi ka nal’; the word ‘nal’ means narrow ways. Later in 1342 AD, Rao Deva Hara took over the region from Jaita Meena and renamed the city as Bundi.

Bundi was conquered by Hada Rajputs in 1241 and ruled for 200 years. Hada Rajputs lost control over Bundi, when Rao Surjan surrendered to Akbar in 1533. In 19thcentury, Bundi came under the reign of British rule.

Today tourists can visit historical forts, palaces, stepwells in Bundi. The most prominent attraction of the city is Taragarh fort. Built in 1354, the fort is known for its huge canon, the Garbh Gujam. Other attractions of the city are Bundi palace, Chaurasi Khambhon-ki-Chatri, Sukh mahal and many more.

There are 50 stepwells in Bundi which were built around 1699 for the public. Among all, the most beautiful stepwell is the Rani Jiki Barol.

Bundi is among the few Indian cities which boasts of a painting style of its own. Visitors can spot beautiful paintings in the Chitrashala in the Bundi fort and also in the fort at Dugari. The Bundi paintings have influences from Mughal and Ragmala paintings.

One can also see rock paintings in the Bundi palace, which are considered. The paintings depict the human evolution; social, cultural, economical life of ancient people.

Tourists visit Bundi in large numbers to enjoy the Bundi Utsav. The utsav is organised every year in November-December by Rajasthan State Tourism Department. Music, dance, sports, fireworks competition and painting, art & craft exhibitions are conducted.

Another festival in Bundi is the Kajli Teej festival. Though Teej is celebrated all over North India, in Bundi it is celebrated in a unique way. A fair is also held during the festival and is a good occasion to see the art and craft of Rajasthan.

Cotton carpets and miniature paintings are worth a buy in Bundi.

There are many accommodation options in Bundi. Rates of rooms in budget, mid-range and luxury hotels are cheaper when compared to other Indian towns. Luxury hotels in Bundi are known for their Rajput hospitality and modern facilities.

One can find multi-cuisine restaurants serving Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine. Rajasthani thalis and sweets are pre-dominantly served in most of the restaurants. Local food items including dal bati, churma, besan ki misi puri, lachha paratha and sathi lassi are worth trying.

The best time to visit Bundi is from the months of August to March.


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