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BS Yediyurappa wins trust motion by voice vote

The four time Chief Minister has had two of the shortest stints at the helm in the history of Karnataka politics. For 7 days in November of 2007, and 2 days in May of 2018.

But this time he cleared the trust vote by a voice vote in a smooth affair, since the BJP has a simple majority in the house with diminished numbers after the disqualification of 17 rebel MLAs of the Congress and JDS.

The entire process lasted less than an hour after the House met. Chief Minister Yediyurappa promised a new beginning free from the “politics of vengeance.” He said he believed in the forgive and forget principle. He said his priority would be to put the adminstration back on track. 

On the eve of the trust vote, Speaker Ramesh Kumar had disqualified 11 Congress and three JDS lawmakers till the end of the current term of the House in 2023. This effectively brought down the majority mark to 105, which is the strength of the BJP in the house.

The BJP also found support of an Independent. After the diqualification, the Congress has 66 members, JDS 34. The Speaker announced his resignation after a 14-month long tenure in office.

He said he had worked according to his “conscience” and in line with the Constitution.Congress Legislature Party leader Siddaramaiah showed that they were in no mood to forgive and forget.

He said the Yediyurappa government was “unconstitutional and immoral” and didn’t believe it would last long. Countering the BJP’s accusation of bad governance he said the Congress JDS coalition had fulfilled its promises to the people.JDS leader Kumaraswamy took exception to Yediyurappa’s charge that the administrative machinery had collapsed.

He accused Yediyurappa of coming to power through a conspiracy, and vouched for the good governance during his stint as Chief Minister. 

The House also passed the Appropriation Bill, seeking a vote on account for three months. However the real business of governance will only begin after the Chief Minister expands his cabinet.

Reports suggest there are many aspirants for ministerial berths.

It would be interesting to see what real politik does to the rebels who brought the Kumaraswamy down now that their political fortunes are in limbo.


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