Wednesday , April 14 2021
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BRICS informal meet: PM Modi gives 5 point agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the issue of terrorism as a global problem and stressed on the need to combat it at the BRICS informal meet on the sidelines of the Osaka G20 Summit. Urging his fellow BRICS leaders to ensure that it is not supported in any manner, PM lauded Brazil for taking firm steps against terrorism.

Sharing 5 solutions to the three key challenges, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there is a need for a global coalition to create disaster resilient infrastructure. He invited BRICS nations to be a part of this movement.

The joint statement adopted after the informal condemned terrorist attacks, including against BRICS countries, in all forms and manifestations. It called for a comprehensive approach to counter terrorism under the UN auspices. BRICS nations agreed that it is the responsibility of all states to prevent financing of terrorist networks and of terrorist actions from their territories. They also agreed on the need to fight the exploitation of internet for terrorist purposes

The Joint statement also included a section on tackling corruption. Promoting international anti corruption cooperation, more effectively addressing cases of corruption with regard to assets recovery, strengthening cooperation in extradition of fugitives, economic and corruption offenders, and strengthening cooperation in recovering stolen assets was agreed upon.

On the climate change front, BRICS leaders stressed on role of cooperation in transitioning towards cleaner, more flexible energy efficient systems while combining growth with decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Ensuring energy security and technological advances to achieve a low emission future also figured in the joint statement.

The coming together of BRICS leaders on the sidelines of the G20 Summit amidst a global slowdown holds a special significance. Nations representing close to a third of the global output sit across the table to create consensus on key ways to address challenges with the hope of creating a larger consensus at G20 meet.

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