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BRICS focuses on 4th Industrial revolution; PM Modi holds Key Bilateral Meetings

Digital Technology and Innovation must drive the fourth Industrial revolution; Talent is more valuable than Capital; Skill development and social security must go hand in hand; These were the core focus areas that Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted in his address at the Plenary session of the 10th BRICS Summit.

Prime Minister said that Industrial production, design, and manufacturing will witness basic changes. Digital platforms, automation, and data-flows will lead to a narrowing of geographical distances. When Digital platforms, e-commerce and marketplaces use new technologies, a new kind of industry as well as business leaders will emerge. In this context, Prime Minister stressed on the need for a special focus on skill development.

PM Modi said that human values and people should always be at the core of any development process. The disempowered can benefit greatly from the use of technology to drive development. Prime Minister shared India’s successful experiment in the use of digital technology for empowerment.

Batting for the increased use of technology, PM Modi said: Technological innovations can help in better service delivery, boosting productivity levels and better management of  labour issues. He described Technology as a major disruptor in today’s world and that disruption causes globalization and migration. Both need to be managed by better multilateral coordination and collaboration. 

PM said providing social security to the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled in the unorganized sector will be important. He pointed out that Fourth Industrial revolution will add to the challenge of ensuring cybersecurity. BRICS nations must share best practices in harnessing new technology and tackling challenges that arise from it.

Prime Minister said that India wants to partner with BRICS countries to achieve the fourth Industrial revolution. India will partner in maximizing the benefits that new Industrial technology and digital interface brings with it. It will also work shoulder to shoulder with BRICS countries in tackling the new challenges ahead. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin talked about the digitisation of the economy at BRICS summit. Putin said that Russia is cooperating other nations in the fight against terrorism, extremism and ready to take all necessary measures to create a safe and reliable environment.

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke of the role that emerging technologies at the summit play in global growth. He also flagged off the need for a technology revolution to correct the North South imbalance.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi holds one on one meetings with China,  Russia, and South Africa;  Bilateral relations given due  importance.

Kicking off a series of bilateral meetings on the sidelines of BRICS Summit, PM Narendra Modi met the host South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. India & South Africa are celebrating 21 years of strategic partnership. Both nations are proud inheritors of legacies of Mahatma Gandhi & Nelson Mandela.

PM Narendra Modi and President Cyril Ramaphosa discussed expansion of relationship in trade & investment, agriculture and food processing, IT, defence and people-to-people contacts.



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