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BRICS countries need to intensify fight against terrorism: LS Speaker Om Birla

Speaking on the occasion, Om Birla said that BRICS countries need to intensify their collective fight against terrorism which poses the biggest threat to humankind. 

He added that, as people’s representatives, parliamentarians can no longer be silent bystanders and that they must unite to fight the challenges of terrorism and violent extremism.  

He emphasized that the funding of all terrorist activities must be stopped immediately and the conditions that are conducive to the spread of terrorism and violent extremism need to be addressed and resolved at the earliest.  

He stressed that the Parliaments of BRICS countries must use international platforms to highlight their collective resolve to support all treaties and agreements that prevent terrorism.

Birla mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the tragic death of millions of innocent people, severe economic challenges and disruption of everyday life.  

He added that if ever there was any greater need for international unity and cooperation then it is now. 

Birla further said that, despite their differences, BRICS countries share a common vision of a just and fair world, free of poverty, hunger and disease and where every human being is born equal in dignity.  

He added that BRICS countries have to ensure that the outbreak of the pandemic does not jeopardize the progress towards achievement of the Agenda 2030 of SDGs and that they remain committed to work together to achieve the goals of Zero hunger, poverty eradication and an inclusive and just world.

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