Tuesday , August 11 2020
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Bi-annual talks between India’s BSF and Bangladesh’s BGB begin

Director General of Border Security Force (BSF) KK Sharma is representing the Indian side while Director General of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Major General Md Shafeenul Islam is leading Bangladesh in the six days talks. 

The meeting is aimed at increasing bilateral cooperation in checking trans-border crimes such as smuggling of drugs and narcotics, cattle lifting and gun running across the international border between the two countries. 

This is the 47th DG-level conference between the two sides since it began in 1975. Joint efforts for effective implementation of Comprehensive Border Management Plan, Confidence Building Measures, Simultaneous Coordinated patrolling, 

Sharing of Information, expansion of crime-free zones will be on the agenda during the talks. A joint record of discussion will also be signed between the BSF and BGB on Friday. 

Last time, the DG level talks were held in April this year in Dhaka. 

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