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benefits and nutritive properties of maple syrup

benefits and nutritive properties of maple syrup

One thing that makes the season of festivity special are the traditional Indian sweets and delicacies. We Indians love our sweets and often never leave a chance of indulging in them. These sweets are such an integral part of our lives that we seldom ever are able to say no to them!

But as we all know, sugar is addictive. What if this there was a healthier alternative, that would not let our love for sweet grow less and allow us to indulge guilt-free? One such great alternative is maple syrup from Canada which is 100% pure, nutritive and tasty.

Maple Syrup to the rescue!

Maple syrup, when used in moderation, is an excellent sweetener and a healthier substitute to refined white sugar, corn syrup, honey, etc. It is also an excellent source of: manganese and riboflavin (B2); good source of magnesium and a source of calcium, potassium, sodium, copper and zinc.

Nutritionist and author, Kavita Devgan says, “Pure maple syrup is not only a natural healthier alternative to refined white sugar, it is also delicious. Since, pure maple syrup is unprocessed, it retains all the antioxidant molecules. 100% pure maple syrup if added in moderation in one’s daily diet may provide multiple health benefits.”

How does it help?

Various studies have shown the benefits that 100% pure maple syrup has on one’s health. Here are some of the ways pure maple syrup can benefit your health and help you build a fit body.

Rich in antioxidants– Pure maple syrup from Canada is one of its kind as it is rich in 67 antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for a healthy body. Nine of these are unique to Maple syrup and provide health benefits similar to those found in berries, tea, flax seeds, and other fruits and vegetables.

Healthier Alternative to Sugar – 100 percent pure maple syrup has more healthy compounds than other sweetening alternatives when used in moderation. It can easily replace any liquid sweetener with equal quantity. While replacing white or brown sugar, reduce the liquid maple syrup in the recipe accordingly- for each cup of maple syrup substituted, reduce the liquid to one fourth cup.

Helps in Managing Diabetes – Pure maple syrup, rich in antioxidants, also helps improve the metabolic and insulin levels and thus regulate blood sugar levels, which may help manage one’s diabetes. Maple syrup contains a significant amount of phytohormones of the abscisic acid (ABA) family, which is helpful in moderating blood sugar levels. According to various studies, the phytohormone helps the body better metabolize the sugars in maple syrup.

Improves Heart health – Consumption of zinc is known to help protect and prevent the body against cardiovascular diseases. Maple syrup, being a good source of zinc and other minerals, protects the inner linings of blood vessels to ensure healthy functioning of the heart.

Reduces Inflammation – Maple contains a combination of phenols and other compounds that inhibit inflammation which has a harmful effect on the body.

Healthy liver and gut– A recent study in University of Tokyo suggested that pure maple syrup promotes healthy liver by inhibiting certain genes linked to production of ammonia, which can be harmful to the liver.

Chef recommends!

Celebrity chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent, recommends pure maple syrup from Canada to everyone, “100 percent pure maple syrup from Canada is a pure goodness of nature. What really fascinates me is its versatile nature – Maple syrup blends easily with Indian cuisine, without over-powering or disturbing the flavours of other spices. Maple Syrup is perfect combination of taste and nutrition.”

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