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Monday , January 22 2018
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Bandwale, Baratis dance to ‘Wah Ra Mhara Modiji Kai Lehar Chaladi Re’

wah-ra-mhara-modiji-kai-lehar-chaladi-reUdaipur : If long queues outsides ATMs and banks are the unpleasant side of the Demonetization effect,  the story has an enjoyable version too.  With the onset of the winter wedding season, Band-Baja and Baraatis are all seen singing and dancing to the tunes of currency change. “ Wah ra Mhara Modi ji Kai Lehar Chaladi Re, Panch Sau, Hazaar Rupaiya Upar Rok Laga De Re ..Achhya achhya kanjooso ki neend uda di reh; wah ra …” is the most popular number being heard from every streets where a baraat passes by and even at the reception venues.

“People are enjoying the number thoroughly as the music is very fast and sung in high pitch with full enthusiasm. We are getting special demand to play the number again and again” said Riaz Khan owner of Maharaja Band. The demonetization move has lead to a cash squeeze causing troubles especially for the families those hosting wedding ceremonies of their children. “ It is a custom among the groom’s party in Hindu marriages where the currency notes of small and large denominations are given away to the poor people after  moving them in a circular motion over the dancing baratis and the groom.

This is done to ward off the evil, however, in the current scenario there are not enough notes even to perform the rituals” says retired professor R.C Tiwari whose son’s marriage is fixed in the coming week. The ‘Modi Lehar’ song begins with a hail to ‘Swachh Bharat’ abhiyan and linking it to the wash out of black money and its hoarders. “ The song is not just a DJ remix but illustrates in a musical way the good works of Modii including the much hailed ‘Surgical Strike’. It is fun dancing on the number and people specially youths are enjoying it in social gatherings and marriage functions” said Saloni Nagori, an event organizer. The number is gaining popularity on the social media too and being put as mobile ringtone.


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