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Armed Forces pay tribute to corona warriors

The three services will be performing a show of solidarity and appreciation for the Corona warriors on Sunday. In the morning there would be a wreath laying at The National Police Memorial in Delhi.

IAF has conducted a nationwide fly-past, which will cover Srinagar to Trivandrum and another one starting from Dibrugarh in Assam to Kutch in Gujarat. MIG 21, Sukhois and helicopters too would be part of the air display. Transport Aircrafts such as C130 and C17 carrying the load too would fly over the NCR.

It is to be noted that this show is being combined with the routine training and no aircraft is getting airborne for just the Fly-past.

This means that none of the aircraft which will be seen flying across several cities are getting airborne for training, as well as some carrying load.

The Navy on its part will have its warships deployed in formations in coastal areas in the evening. The Navy and Coast Guard ships on the western and eastern seaboard will be lit up, in harbour as well as offshore. The military bands of the Army will play martial music across cantonments and Army Bases from the mountains to the deserts.

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