Tuesday , October 26 2021

Answers to common questions on the United States Immigration

There have been a lot of questions asked about immigration in the United States. Most of these frequently asked questions are not well answered which is the reason why a lot of immigrants have been misinformed or uninformed about the right thing. A lot of immigrants have experienced visa denials, deportation and a lot of immigration nightmares due to their inability to get the right answer to important questions they have in mind. The best way to get correct answer to the frequently asked questions on United States immigration is through the immigration lawyers and authentic websites on the internet. Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

What is the difference between a student visa and tourist visa? The difference between these visas are often misjudged by people because of ignorance and inadequate research. The United States Student visa is a type of visa that they give to only qualified student immigrants who applied for admission into schools in the country while the United States tourist visa is the type of visa that is only given to people who are coming into the country for the sake of tourism. The tourist visa can also be given to people who are going to the United States for a different purpose for a short time. The student visa can be either short or long term depending on the type of course or the type of school you are going to study. The tourist visa is always short term because no tourist can be allowed to stay in the United States for three months at a go. A student visa can be easily renewed while one is still in the country, but the tourist visa can be rarely renewed. Even if a tourist visa was renewed, one would have to return to one’s country on or before the scheduled date before applying for the renewal of the visa.

The question, WHEN DO I NEED U.S. VISA? should concern you if you are planning a trip to the United States and your country is not among the visa waiver program countries. Also, if your your country is among the VWP countries then you will have to register for an ESTA online. It is also important that you check if you are eligible for an data before applying.

What is the difference between a green card holder and a naturalized immigrant? The green card is a document that allows an immigrant to reside and work in the United States permanently while naturalization is the act that makes an alien become the citizen of the country, therefore, making him or her entitled to all the rights of the citizens of the country. A green card holder is an immigrant who has a green card to his or her name. Both green card holders and naturalized immigrants have the right to live in the United States and bring their close relatives to the country too. The green card holders are still immigrants and can still get into immigration cases, unlike the naturalized citizens that cannot be regarded as immigrants. The green card holders can still be deported from the country if they are found guilty of grievous crimes like treason, fraud and amongst others but the naturalized immigrants are immune to deportation as they have become citizens of the country through naturalization.

Why are immigrants deported in the United states? This is a complex question that a lot of people want answers to. This question cannot be answered directly since there are lots of reasons that may lead to deportation of immigrants in the United States. But it should be noted that anyone sent out of the United States forcefully has done something that is against the law of the country. Basically, deportation will occur only if an immigrant is found guilty of any crime in the United States. Some of the common reasons for immigrant’s deportation are;

  • Illegal immigration – if anyone is found guilty of immigrating illegally into the United States then such individual might be deported. Don’t be too desperate to travel to the United States.

  • Drug deals – if you are found dealing with drugs then you may be deported. America will not accept you if you are a criminal and dealing with drugs is a criminal offense that can lead to deportation.

  • Child trafficking – although, child trafficking is not common in the US, still the US government does not accept people involved in child trafficking.

Has the wall construction begun? The construction of the wall at the United States’ border with Mexico is no more news. President Donald Trump has signed it into law at the early stages of the year 2019 whereby construction started with immediate effect. The wall is being built to curb the skyrocketing rate of illegal immigration into the country from neighboring countries like Mexico amongst others.

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