Tuesday , April 13 2021
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Another day in Kashmir valley without day time restrictions, normalcy prevails

Another day in the Kashmir valley without day time restrictions normalcy prevailed after the 5th of August abrogation of Jammu & Kashmir’s special status.

Over 90% of the valley over 92 police stations has been without day time restrictions for days now.

It has led to free movement of people and vehicles..good attendance in schools of both students and teachers..government offices buzzing with activity.

Inter district transport has also picked up with autos and cabs running their services. Markets too are busy even street vendors are doing brisk business.

The J&K Police has said that since the abrogation action. No civilian casualty has taken place in the maintenance of law & order. The police believes the situation is improving bit by bit & complete normalcy is just round the corner.

Meanwhile, security forces are keeping their crushing campaign on to stamp out terrorism from the state.The forces arrested two Pakistani Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists who were attempting to infiltrate into Kashmir. 

Both the Pakistani nationals were arrested on the 21st of August. Both had been stationed at Pakistan army’s forward posts and it was Pakistani soldiers who helped them infiltrate J&K.

Two videos were also played out during the joint briefing by the army and the J&K police. They showed the two Pakistani terror captives admitting to infiltrating the country.

They also said that not just along the LoC and in Kashmir but launch pads of different terror outfits are ready also at the border close to Poonch, Rajouri & Jammu.
Daily infilration attempts are still on.

The security forces are not allowing any let up in their campaign to eradicate terrorism from J&K. Several terrorists have either been killed or forced to return across the border. Clearly ever since the partial abrogation of article 370.

Pakistan has been fuming to such an extent that it’s been trying to infiltrate terrorists into the valley on a daily basis but the security forces have not only foiled its attempts but also exposed its true face to the world with evidence.

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