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Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Anna Hazare cannot be compared with Gandhi- Ela

Udaipur : Mahatma Gandhi’s grand daughter and Peace activist Ela Gandhi said “ Though Anna Hazare’s contributions are remarkable but yet he can not compared to Mahatma Gandhi. Hazare’s view have some reflections of Hinduism but Gandhian ideology is far beyond caste, community and religion. Through his principles, Gandhi has earned a big place in the hearts of the people not only in India but worldwide and his work is beyond comparison”.

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Ela is in Udaipur in connection with the prestigious Umedmal Lodha Environment Awards 2015, to be hosted by SevaMandir on Thursday. She was interacting with the media and expressed her views on the controversy of Godse being termed as a martyr. “ He murdered the father of nation, how can such a person be termed as a martyr or even a nationalist?” Ela exclaimed. ‘ However, since Bapu staunchly believed in forgiveness , I believe he would have forgiven even Godse for what he did’.

On being asked why no one from the Gandhi family stepped in active politics in India, Ela said , ‘Gandhiji had never been a politician in his entire life, he just worked to serve the nation and that is the reason why not a single person from his clan of 120 members ever stepped into the political stream’. Ela was a Member of Parliament in South Africa from 1994 to 2004. On being asked why she quitted politics, Ela answered “ I contributed for ten years for the political upliftment and woman issues there, however, when I felt that the next generation should step in, I opted out’. After serving in parliament, Ela developed a 24-hour program against domestic violence, founded the Gandhi Development Trust, serves as a member of the Religious Affairs Committee, and oversees a monthly newspaper. She also chairs the Mahatma Gandhi Salt March Committee and the Mahatma Gandhi Development Trust. Ela Gandhi served as the Chancellor of Durban University of Technology for several years.


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