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Tuesday , December 12 2017
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Almost Instant Offline Translation Device For Ease of Travel

There is a new gadget in town that will take away most of the problems one faces when traveling to a country and not knowing the language. Most of us have gone through the challenges of starting a conversation in a foreign language, especially one that we are trying out for the first time. Have you been frustrated with people who do not speak your language and when ‘English please’ results in quizzical stares or faces trying their best not to burst out laughing? Awkwardness and embarrassment bordering on notions of making a fool of oneself abound. Ohayou Gozaimasu. Huh? Do not worry. These issues will be a thing of the past with this gadget.

The Portable Language Translation called ‘ili’ will resolve your communication issues and help you connect more easily with the locals. The normal practice of googling the internet for the best translator app for your smartphone can be done away with this new device. A big bonus, with the ili, is you do not have to face the challenges of running around trying to find wi-fi and then trying to get a good signal. If you are in a restaurant or public place, the art of asking for the password seems to be another exercise in futility. The absolute worst is when your smart phone’s battery decides to stand you up.

Created by Takuro Yoshida, the ili is a translator device, that looks like a miniature thumb, drive making it easy to carry around in your purse or a small bag. The most remarkable feature of the device is its ability to translate words within a time speed of 0.2 seconds, an important timing for keeping the enthusiasm and momentum going. Most apps either take a long time in responding or the surrounding noise impacts accuracy. People lose interest and become uncomfortable if there is too long a gap in communications. With the ili, you get responses on the double which keeps the conversation mood going.

The way it works is as follows. Speak a few words to the device and the translated words are heard within 0.2 seconds. Unbelievable? Yes, but it is real and happening.

The device has been loaded with a huge range of words and phrases that are commonly used by travelers such as, “Where do I buy train tickets” or enquiries on street directions and location of hotels and restaurants. For those who are on tight schedules with limited time in running around searching for wi-fi or looking for streets, this is heaven-sent. Imaging landing in Tokyo after a tiring and exhausting journey and all you want to do is to get to your hotel and rest. With the ili that is possible especially when giving directions to the cab driver or when buying tickets for the subway.

The device is still new in the market with the current range of languages being limited to English, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin. There are plans to include more languages in the near future. Although the device comes with one language on purchase, more languages can be subsequently installed through updates. The gadget, being one of the first in the market is bound to appeal to travelers especially for those who know the challenges of trying to make others understand and that of trying to find an internet connection.

With the ili a warm, fuzzy feeling strikes when it is so much easier in getting your enquiries answered with an immediate smile and better still, hearing the response from the gadget will invariably make it easier to break the ice and gain instant friendship. The fun quotient will definitely go way high up by using the ili with your friends, strangers, and anyone.

Travelling will undoubtedly be a more memorable experience with this device on hand. So the next time you are traveling to Japan or China, you can consider taking ili with you on your memorable journey.


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