AllGambling to launch in India first

As India wakes up to the joys of online gambling, there is good news in store for its millions of interested, eager participants. is all set to open its portals, literally and figuratively, for business, in the middle of December 2020, just a few days down the road. What is more, the Indian gambling fraternity will be the first to lay their hands, or fingers, on the portal. Before anyone else in the world.

Why is this a landmark launch?

Unlike other gambling portals, plans to lead with information and knowledge, providing fact-based, truthful and honest information about gambling.

“We have done a lot of research and found that there is a gap when it comes to transparency and correct and unbiased information,” say the founders, who, between them, have over forty years of experience from working with online casinos, in ownership, content creation and customer support roles, and can be relied upon to know their poker from their roulette.

In a market that has traditionally been wary of gambling, successive governments have tried to safeguard the common man from potential ill effects, through legislation. The Gujarat High Court, in a judgment in December 2017, observed, “there is lack of awareness amongst the people and if they are permitted by betting in the craze of easy money, they do not know what to do if the things go wrong.”

A game-changer

In this market, the knowledge and guidance led approach of can be a game-changer.

“The Indian participant deserves better,” is the message from the team. “No longer does he need to follow in the footsteps of the Europeans, who are experienced in the art of gambling. We will create personalized user-journey pathways, keeping the preferences and interests of the Indian gambler in mind.”

The catalyst for their India-first approach is the inexperience of the Indian gambler, which is something that has not escaped their attention while working in the industry. “This made us all agree that India was the country we could help to guide most people, to begin with.”

Tailored to Indian people

While tailoring advice and offers to individuals may be the norm in mature industries that focus on the customer, it will be a first for gambling. At the same time, will also be a traditional gambling site with reviews of online casinos and games, in addition to comprehensive guides on how to play. Thus, it will be a site where experienced gamblers and newbies can participate with equal facility.

“And this will be supported by a clean design and a focus on the User Experience, or UX as it is known as,” the team says.

In addition, the owners have a well-articulated mobile-first strategy. “Mobile has been the favourite entertainment tool for some years now. This is very visible when looking into data from the online casinos. Google is also prioritising mobile-first, so for us, it is natural to build our product around the preference of common users.”

Online Gambling is legal

Gambling is illegal in most of India. But there is no law that makes online betting an illegal activity. Since March 2020, when Covid-19 necessitated lockdowns were imposed around the world, online activity has gone through the roof. Gambling is no different.

Participants or would-be participants of online gaming in India, welcome into your world and let them show you how to do online gambling. The right way.

This is where you will find safe gambling sites. And get the best welcome bonuses. And know all there is to know about gambling.

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