Wednesday , December 8 2021

Al Ain Zoo intensifies its precautionary efforts to protect wildlife

Al Ain Zoo recently implemented precautions for its animals according to international best practices, includingactivating an early epidemiological monitoring system and business continuity plans in the veterinary department for emergency cases. However, now that the region is passing through the situation of the COVID-19 emergency, the Zoo is beginning to lift biosecurity measures.

The Zoo was keen to activate the preventive plans and procedures in line with government guidelines and theadvice offered by scientific experts to prevent the virus. Procedures included special, around-the-clock care for wildlife and animals while continuing to provide full feeding and working to enhance their behavior and continuetraining.Ensuring their safety while maintaining the usual high standard of care was critical during the COVID-19 situation.

Additionally, the Zoo’s veterinary team continues to provide comprehensive care for various types of animals around the clock by constantly examining them and providing sufficient quantities of viral antiseptics. A strategic stock of veterinary medical supplies for emergencies and equipment for Zoo personnel – along with providing them with continuing awareness, instructions and taking all necessary precautions – has avoided the transmission of the disease from human to animal or from animal to human.

It is worth noting that the Zoo continues to implement major projects at the Elephant Safari, Elephant Exhibit, Gorilla Sanctuary, Reptile Park, Koala Land, Chimpanzee Forest, Al Ain Nature Reserve, Sand Cat Conservation Center, Rescue Center, Event Pavilion and Penguin Beach.

In these unusual circumstances, Al Ain Zoostrives to protect and preserve wildlife by providing comprehensive care using the best international practices under the supervision of top doctors and specialists in natural wildlife care.

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