Thursday , April 15 2021
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Ace entrepreneur Faishal Ansari taking over the Digital media to new heights

He thus started focusing on his career at a very young age. Reading and understanding the market, its strategies and executions became his day to day activity.

Faishal, just at the age of 20 has his own software development company. An idea that Faishal got while studying during his college days. Post completing his high school, a college drop out who had an idea one could never beat.

Having to know nothing about the IT industry. It was never easy for Faishal with no background or support in the business world to enter and climb the ladder. He had to struggle and achieve his dreams. Faishal left no stone unturned to conquer his passion.

Ansari’s curiosity to learn new things kept him going. Facing failures he Faishal always believed that failures come with a big success behind.

He launched his own web application in 2014. There is no stopping for him there after. Though the path of achievements haven’t been easy for him as Faishal had to start from the scratch but it all paid of with his extreme hard work and dedication.

Faishal’s software firm today is one the renowed firm of it’s kind. It provides a number of services like creating apps, technology that are invented to perform complex tasks in a few seconds.

Faishal is not only one of the leading names in the IT industry today but also one of the youngest entrepreneur of the country and an inspiration for millions who want to have firm grounds and achieve their goals.

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