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Thursday , January 18 2018
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Abandoned cub feeds on powdered formula at Sajjangarh Bio Park

‘Common tendency among lioness to abandon cubs in captivity’

Udaipur : After two cubs at Machiya safari park in Jodhpur surviving on powdered formula, another new born at Sajjangarh Biological Park here too has been put on the same dose as the mother lioness refuses to suckle it. The cub was born to a pair of Asiatic lions  named Shyam and Mehak , who were brought here from the Sakkarbaug Zoological park , Junagarh (Gujarat) in April 2015.

The female cub was born five days ago and immediately after birth, the mother lioness abandoned it. Concerned for its survival, the park authorities contacted veterinary expert Shravan Singh Rathore from Jodhpur who visited the park to treat the vulnerable baby. Dr Rathore fed the cub with specially imported milk powder meant for lions which has high concentrations of nutrients and essential antibodies. ” It is common among lioness to abandon their cubs in captivity. The young one was too weak and so we shifted it to the park’s hospital.

Now it is fine and has gained weight. The cub weights 1 kilo 155 grams now” said Rahul Bhatnagar, chief conservator of forest (wild life). It takes about a fortnight for lion cubs to open their eyes and so the young one may have to stay in the isolation ward for two weeks. Meanwhile, the park authorities have ordered for an additional supply of milk powder from a Chennai based company. Not everyone has permission to enter the isolation ward to protect the cub from any infection. Dr Himanshu Vyas is the only one taking care of the cub. It has to be given feed in definite schedule of every 4 hours beginning at 3 early morning.


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