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A wellness centre under Niramaya project inaugurated in Delhi on Saturday

The Wellness Centre (in Association with Chaudhary Brahm Prakash AyurvedCharakSansthan) CBPACS, Najafgarh, Yoga Park & Open Gym have been operationalized for Police officers/personnel & their family members, as ‘Good Health adds Life to Years’.

Police as a profession is known for tremendous stress, that it takes one through continuous unspecified working hours leading to unhealthy eating habits causing adverse impact on their efficiency. 

Most of the police personnel either show little concern about their health for numerous reasons or are extremely pressed for time. This essentially means an immediate need to reach a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Keeping up with our commitment of responsible community policing as well as to have a health reality check and early detection of the health issues, Dwarka District Police took an initiative in this direction under “Niramaya Project” and opened three different facilities i.e. Wellness Centre, Yoga Park & Open Gym at Dwarka Sector-23.

The focus of the initiative was to nip the bud and to increase awareness about the major health concerns, the repercussions of these concerns as well as how to best handle these health issues.

The emphasis was also on the health and general well being of our police personnel and their families. The team of doctors will give free consultancy to the police officers/personnel with emphasis on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a preventive care. Yoga Park will benefit to police personnel as well as residents to boost their metabolism, minimize stress, etc. and Open Gym helps in dealing with athletic performance and regularly exercises. It will overall boost ‘Healthy and Stress free Living’.

Apart from this, the CP, Delhi also interacted with 34 rewardees who had done good works. Further, VC room for interaction with complainants was also operationalized at Police Station Dwarka Sector-23.

All these initiatives have been taken to strengthen the health of police personnel and their family residents of Dwarka and neighboring areas. CP, Delhi dedicated the Wellness Centre, Open Gym & Yoga Park to the residents as well as police personnel.

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