Wednesday , December 1 2021

A Guide to Buy the Best TV Available in the Market

 You might read a hundred different articles to find the best television for your money in 2020. But there are so many options and so many articles out there that you might end up getting even more confused than when you started. How can you narrow your search to the best and most affordable products in your budget? Let’s look at how to buy the right TV within your budget.

The first task that you should focus at is to narrow your search by category. It is a good idea to think about whether you want an LED TV, a Plasma TV or even a Smart television before you begin your search.

Know the difference here:


These are liquid crystal displays, which contain large fluorescent lamps behind a matrix of colored LCD cells. These became popular in the 2000s but were taken over in popularity by LED TVs. If you still want to go for an LCD, we have selected the best option.

Our pick: SONY X950H

TV Price: Starting at 1.99 lakhs

Sony claims that this is their best 4k Ultra-HD LCD panel yet. A 55-inch TV with beautiful and immersive surround sound, SONY has put considerable effort into slimming those shiny metallic bezels, which fit the spectacular display into a frame which looks at least as beautiful.


These are like LCDs but contain thousands of tiny LEDs behind the cells to light them up, therefore resulting in better picture quality. They can be edge-lit, where the LEDs are at the edges of the display while the backlit ones use LEDs across the entire panel.

Our pick: Oneplus 55Q1IN-1

TV Price: Starting at ₹69,000

It is not your conventional LED TV. Oneplus has made use of the quantum-dot technology to bring this 55-inch panel to life. With a 4k Ultra-HD panel, this TV runs on an Android operating system and can cover up to 120% of the NTSC color gamut. Oneplus has also taken care of all connectivity needs because this television comes with 4x HDMI ports and 3x USB ports. Isn’t that great?


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and is currently one of the best display technologies in the market. In OLED televisions, each cell in the panel emits light of its own accord. This allows OLEDs to render the darkest darks and the brightest bright with astounding accuracy, resulting in beautiful pictures.

Our pick: LG OLED77W8PTA

TV Price: Starting at 3.3 lakhs

This TV is in a different class of its own. With Google Assistant and a picture mode, this TV is so thin that it hangs on your wall like a piece of paper. LG calls it a window to another world. We will leave it up to you to test whether that’s true or not. But it boasts of offline Google Assistant and voice control. No more searching for remote controls – watch your favorite shows in peace or simply use it to display art when not in use. Take a look at the LG TV price list and get home the best LG TV now!

Plasma TVs

These utilize very different technology in comparison to LED and LCD TVs. They utilize gas cells between two sheets of glass. Each cell acts as a sub-pixel – these combine to form a pixel – the tiny dot on your TV screen. They can clock extreme contrast ratios and deliver beautiful picture quality.

Our pick: Samsung PS64F8500AR

TV Price: Starting at 1.85 lakhs

While LG is shipping its TVs with voice-enabled google assistant, Samsung is playing the smart TV game too – because this TV not only comes with a gorgeous 65-inch 4k display, it also comes enabled with Alexa. Which simply means that you can now pair it with other smart devices at home. What’s more, you can now watch both 2D and 3D titles at home, with amazing sound and picture quality. Check out the Samsung TV price list and find a perfect Samsung TV for your home!

With online shopping, buying a TV has become easier than ever. In the old days, people used to delay getting a TV because of financials and logistics. This also brings us to the next important point: buying the best TV has become easier than ever before with the advent of EMI stores which allow you to browse all products at a single place, making it easier for you to narrow down your search. One good example is the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, where you can browse through hundreds and thousands of appliances and gadgets from multiple brands in one place.

Once you have narrowed your product, all you need to do is to buy it at simple and affordable monthly EMIs. With no hidden charges, EMI stores like the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store allow you to buy a product that you might not want to pay for at one go.  At the same time, you can enjoy your entertainment without carving a dent into your savings with a one-time payment. Then what are you waiting for? Pick the right product and head for the store – order your TV, fill online forms, pay the first EMI and start watching. It can be as simple as that.

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