Thursday , October 28 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to Buy a New Car This New Year

We live in a country where buying premium things such as clothes, a car, or a house at an auspicious occasion is considered harbinger of good luck. What is more promising than the start of a new year? With new year just around the corner, you can bring changes in your life that you promised yourself, set new goals, or buy new things.

Just like in any other country, owning a car has become a necessity in life.Luxury cars, budget-friendly cars,or fuel-efficient cars, we, Indians love them all. A report published by Indian Auto Industry in 2017 says India is the fourth-largest car manufacturer in the world. It shows how many car buyers have increased in our country over the years.

If you are planning to buy a new car, make the final decision around the New Year.


Well, the answer is simple -The amazing deals and offers you get on cars during this time are mesmerizing and enough to attract you. However, before you seal the deal on the car that you were eyeing for a long time, you should be fully aware of diverse aspects you need to consider.

Here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you buy the perfect car that suits your needs:

Step 1: Evaluate Your Need, Wants and Finances

Firstly, ask yourself a question –‘Why you need a car?’

The choice of a carmust be made as per your needs. Also, it is good not to choose a car that you can’t afford.  Find the full-proof budget to avoid overspending in the process.

If you seekcar loans, then look for banks that provide loans at the minimum interest. Evaluating your needs and finances will help you find a suitable car type without causing a financial burden.

Step 2: Research Car Prices and Specs

Next to the budget analysis, it’s time for you to find the car that fits both your needs and budget. Researching for the right car is an essentialtask involved in the car-buying process. So, research thoroughly, visit websites of car companies, see what they are offering, look for the best deal you can get and look for the car loan facility, if available.

Build a checklist as per your needs and add cars you like into it. This will simplify things for you as the car that fits most of the criteria is the one you should go for.

Step 3: Visit Dealerships to Grab Quotes

Now that you know which car you want to buy, you need to start visiting car dealers near you. You can further find information on the mode of payment, or how can you take a car loan and many other things with these visits.

When at the dealerships, you can even ask for the test-drive of the car of your choice before you finally buy it. Then, compare the experience of the test-drive with the quotes you get from different dealers.

Step 4: Fine-Tune Your Budget and Negotiate the Price

By this time, you have researched enough to choose the car that suits you the most. What is left to be done is to negotiate on the price of the car with the dealers. You also need to know what you will be paying each month if you opt for a car loan.This will ensure your new possession doesn’t come in the way of your other commitments.

Step 5: Sign the Papers andBring HomeYour New Car

In the end, you need to go through all the essential paperwork, such as the one for Registration Certificate, Pollution Under Control, and car loan. Get all the paperwork done, and the car is yours. Seal the deal and celebrate your new car and arrival of the new year with delicious sweets.

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