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Monday , January 22 2018
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90-year-old tribal woman burnt alive in Udaipur

Udaipur : In an gruesome incident, a ninety year old woman was burnt alive in her house in the remote Kalipole village in Bedawal gram panchayat, some 40 kilometers away from Salumber tehsil of the district. The house was set on fire by one of her relative to avenge long standing rivalry over land between the two families. All other members of the family including her son, daughter-in-law, and grand children managed to escape the flames that engulfed the house, however, the old woman who was bedridden for four years, was helpless to move and thus burnt alive.

The incident took place on Saturday at around 8 pm when Jamudi wife of Harja Meena was lying on her bed when ManaRam, the accused barged into the house carrying a bottle of kerosene with him. “ There had been some dispute earlier between Manaram and the victim’s family over some trivial issues of property and animals and relationship has turned sour between them. Some believe, the old lady had been the barrier to a settlement of issues” said RevantDan, the additional SP (rural). Manaram who lived in the neighborhood, poured kerosene oil all over the house and set it on fire which spread in each directions within seconds. Upon receiving information, it took some time for the police to reach to the remote village owing to the kuchha road and forest area, however, cops controlled the fire with the help of the villagers who threw mud and water to contain the flames in the dark hours.

The old woman was completely burned and most of her body parts had been reduced to ashes. “ There were grown up men in Jamudi’s family who could have rescued the old lady but they didn’t bother to carry her out which is quite amusing” said Herambh Joshi, Circle Inspector at Salumber police station. We are investigating on various angles including the rivalry between the two families, the officer said. SP Ajaypal Lamba and many senior officers from the administration were at the village to take note of the details. “ Manaram has been arrested and few others are being interrogated” RevantDan informed.


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