89-year-old retired Railways officer to take part in TCS World 10K

Bengaluru, April 23 : As Bengaluru prepares to get back to large participatory running events, an 89-year-old retired Railways officer is setting his eyes on his fourth TCS World 10K, scheduled to be held on May 15. Even though he hasn’t fully recovered from a spine injury he incurred a few months ago, Bylahalli Raghunath Janardan is determined to take part in the Bengaluru running festival with a back support belt. “I haven’t taken part in any marathon in the last two years because of various problems and that’s why I am really looking forward to the TCS World 10K. However, I won’t be running at my absolute best as I am currently recovering from a spine injury, but I will run slowly and walk intermittently with a back support belt.” When asked about the exciting aspects of a mass participatory running event, the 89-year-old said, “It’s great to run with a crowd and especially youngsters. I get inspired to train hard when I see them run and I feel they get inspired by me as well.” Speaking about the importance of exercise in his life, Janardan said, “In 1995, I had to go through a difficult time. While I was traveling with my family to find a prospective match for my daughter, I fainted in the car. “Later, I was diagnosed with Major Epilepsy and I was told that I have to take medications for the rest of my life. When I started taking the medications, I had a tough time dealing with the side effects. I felt lazy and lethargic. However, after nine months, I decided to give up medicines and start exercising.” Janardan also spoke about the turning point in his life. “Once my son was selected to play the sitar at a cultural event which was hosted at a place 30km away from my home. Just like that, I decided to get on a cycle and ride to the event venue. And I also came back home the same day. After that day, I started cycling regularly and became a very active person. I have not touched the Epilepsy medicines again and I have also never had an Epilepsy attack. That is the difference an active lifestyle has made in my life.” The USD 210,000 World Athletics Elite Label Race will witness some of the finest distance runners on the roads of Bengaluru as well as thousands of mass participation competitors from across India.

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