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6 persons that attended religious congregation in Delhi die in Telangana

The Markaz was held in Delhi from 13th to 15th of this month. In a sudden and recent development, there was an announcement from Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s Office stating that there were six Covid-19 related deaths in the statement.

Two of them reported at the state-run centre for Covid treatment, that is Gandhi hospital in Hyderabad while others reported in private hospitals. A person from Karnataka took admission in a local private hospital few days back and he died while being shifted back to Karnataka. Another person died in a Hyderabad based corporate hospital two days ago.

The state authorities also announced occurrence of one death each at Nizamabad and Gadwal in the state. What was common in all these cases is all of them attended ‘Markaz’ congregation held in Delhi from 13 to 15th of this month and most of them travelled by train. So far, the authorities have identified over 350 such persons who attended Markaz from various parts of the state.

Now the special teams are making all out efforts to trace those people who had come in contact with these 350 during the past 15 days. Earlier, 13 persons have been discharged from hospital after they got tested negative for Coronavirus. 

Meanwhile, in the view of the Lockdown and anticipating a tough economic climate ahead, the Telangana state Government has announced salary-cuts.

The Chief Minister announced 75 per cent salary cut for himself, MLAs, MLCs, Chairmen of various state corporations and representatives of other local bodies.

The pay-cut has also been extended to officers of IAS/IPS/IFS and other such central government services by 60 per cent while all other category of employees will see their salaries halved.

The CMO statement further informed that the Corona virus is adversely impacting the Telangana State’s economic situation and the state government had to act with caution and foresight in this background.

Besides, 10 per cent salary reduction will be applicable for Class IV, outsourced and contract employees and all categories of pensioners.

There will be a salary cut for the employees in all the Public Sector Undertakings, institutions that receive government grants.

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