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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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6 Most Common Family Travel Myths, Debunked

Are you planning to go on a family trip? Are your kids coming along with you? You may probably want to think twice before getting into all that mess your toddler is going to make, all the fights your kids are going to have and everything else in between.

While it is true that traveling with kids can be a real challenge, it can also be the most memorable trip of your life. You will get to spend quality time with your children and strengthen your parent-child bond before they are all grown up.

Truth is family trips can be awesome when prepared and here are some workarounds to six travel myths that will be debunked today.

Flying With Kids

Boarding the plane can be challenging when you have all that luggage with you, and the kids won’t just stay put. One way to counter this situation is to go for night flights when cabin lights are dim and kids will be tired and sleepy. Chances are, they’ll be asleep throughout the whole flight.


If you are traveling with your spouse or friend, it is even better because that way, you can take turns to get some sleep in case the kids are awake and need care. But the more tired your kids are before boarding time, the faster they will fall asleep. Also, carry extra diapers, snacks, video games and tablets to help you out.

Kids Does Not Like Change

Kids are naturally fun, spontaneous and curious beings. Thinking that young children do not like change is not entirely true. They will love it out there only if you make it like they will love it out there! Does that make sense? For example, when trying out a new cuisine, eat and enjoy them yourself and they will learn to do the same. Because enthusiasm can be contagious.

Kids Would Go Hungry

But still a lot of moms complain about how their kids are not eating enough. Imagine you are taking your kids to a foreign location where the food is all funky and different, it can really be a nightmare. While some kids are open to new food when they are traveling, some refuse to acquire new tastes, try new recipes or experiment with new cuisines. In this case, pack some staple food and snacks as a precaution.

Too Hot Or Too Cold For Kids

Worried about the weather affecting the kids? There are easy ways to deal with it. If you are visiting someplace with sunny skies and sweltering heat, remember to pack a portable fan, cooling sprays, and suitable clothing that will allow plenty of air to pass. Carry water at all times, and keep hydrated.

On the other hand, if you are visiting some place with freezing temperatures and snow, you will be spending less time cleaning your kids for sweat and dirt. Instead, remember to dress them in insulating kids’ clothes that are easily available and bring handheld heaters to keep them warm.

Relaxation With Kids At The Beach

Kids absolutely love the beach. There is lots of open space, sand, and the ocean to keep them occupied all day. While your kids are busy writing their names on the sand, building sand castles and chasing waves, your job is to keep them safe from sunburns and killer waves. Use sunscreen before you even reach the beach, just in case your kids get too excited to stay still.

Another trick is to apply powder on their hands, feet, and bums which will prevent sand from sticking to their bodies. Dress them in surfer clothes because it will keep them warm from the inside. Besides, the material is very breathable and dries faster. Avoid crowded spots and choose to visit in the early morning or late evenings, as it will help you find and manage them easily.

“Are we there yet?”

Kids can be impatient. When you are traveling, say by road, be prepared in advance. Take plenty of breaks to stretch yours and your kids’ legs. If possible, choose shorter road trips which offer better sceneries and pleasant atmosphere. Pack their favorite snacks and plan your trip during their daytime napping hours. If all else fails, install their favorite gaming apps on a tablet.

Traveling is a great way to educate your child. It will help them mingle with new people, understand different cultures, and make them more open-minded. By then, they will be more than ready for whatever the world holds for them. Although traveling with kids can be a challenge, but sometimes, tough times are the best times to bond over. So, get ready to bring your kids to experience the world.


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