Tuesday , September 21 2021

5 Tips To Increase Speed And Smoothness Of Smartphones

A smartphone that works at a butterfly smooth speed slows down after a passage of time. Switching to a new smartphone as soon as the old smartphone starts ageing is not a luxury that many can afford. Here are some tips to power up the performance of the old smartphone to ensure that it keeps running like a new phone. Smartphones have become an essential part of our day to day life. In addition to laptops, smartphones also play a vital role in maintaining work-life. In addition to that, of course, smartphones play a huge role in maintaining a social life. For a perfect experience, most of us want a smartphone that not only works fast but also works in a lag-free manner. As the phone gets old, it becomes a tad slow for people and slower for other people and buying a new smartphone every now and then is not affordable. With the tips provided below, you can boost the performance of the smartphone. 

1. Reduce the animations 

Animation plays a tad of a role in how your smartphone feels. Even though it does not hugely improve the working and performance of the smartphone, reducing animation makes it possible for the user to switch between the apps at a faster rate. The animation in the smartphone can either be removed from the Advanced features in the Setting section of the Android smartphone. The user can choose either to reduce the animation or completely shut it down. 

2. Remove the unused stuff 

Clearing the unwanted stuff in a smartphone results in a huge pile of unwanted stuff. The unused stuff not only makes the smartphone look messy but also slows down the phone. The unused stuff in a smartphone can be in the form of applications, images, chats, videos and many other forms. All these data are stored locally on the smartphone consuming storage space. As the storage space starts getting filled, the smartphone starts getting unresponsive and laggy. To prevent this, the user should clear the unused stuff from the smartphone from time to time. Also, to give the smartphone a new and clean feeling from the exterior too, it is recommended that the user cover it. For instance, iPhone 11 Cover or iPhone 12 Pro Cover can be used to protect the iPhone depending upon the model. 

3.Clear cache

Browsing through websites or social media websites build-cache on the phone. When the cache is not cleared frequently, it can also build up to an extent that it starts occupying more than 2 GB of the local storage. Occupying too much local space can again slow down the smartphone. Getting rid of the cache in any smartphone will increase the speed of the smartphone. For clearing the cache, go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data > Delete Cache 

4. Go for static wallpaper

A live wallpaper might look fancy but it is not practical. It is because a live wallpaper that might look appealing, at the end of the day ends up consuming plenty of battery of the smartphone and the processing power. To speed up the working of the smartphone, it is recommended that one uses a static wallpaper. If you want to further improve the performance of the smartphone, you can go for the same static wallpaper both for the home screen and the lock screen. 

5. Avoid using plenty of widgets 

Widgets are now available both for iPhones and Android smartphones. Widgets make all the information available right at the home screen without having the need to open the app for real and they also beautify the screen to an extent. However, having widgets on the home screen means that they are consuming the processing power of the smartphone constantly to give you updated information on every section. Therefore, it is advisable to keep only the must-have widgets and remove the others from the home screen. 

Even after following these tips, if your smartphone is not working at a speed that it was previously working and you want the initial performance of the smartphone, you can go for a factory reset. Doing a factory reset not only fixes bugs for the smartphone but gives an entirely new life too. However, before performing a factory reset, it is recommended that a complete backup of the smartphone is taken to avoid loss of important information. 

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