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23-year-old Sunil ydv SS, Founder of SS Motivation Creates a World Record

Born and brought up in Budhi Bawal, Alwar, Sunil is a renowned celebrity in the Telegram channel industry. At present, his channel has more than 2 lakh 17 thousand followers. As a founder and CEO of the SS Motivation, he achieved worldwide success with his channel and its enormous growth in a short period. 

Besides being a famous and rising Telegram star in the industry, Sunil is also an entrepreneur and an author. He recently published his book “Secrets of Success” on Amazon. The book takes you through the journey and provides anyone willing to become an entrepreneur with successful mantras and enthusiasm. 

The 23-year old started as a common Indian boy but rose to high levels of achievement within a short period through his channel. He did so by showcasing posts, Shayari, and poems on his channel that target Indian audiences. 

The idea behind such a channel was to help people get rid of depression as well as instill positivity, hope, and enthusiasm. The messages connect with people of every age and gender in Indian society. Anyone who can read basic Hindi or English can join the channel and even relate to Sunil’s Shayari, poems, and picture messages. Last year, the channel achieved a view count of 12.73 crores. 

The world’s most-followed Telegram channel SS Motivation provides hope to millions of people who have been unsuccessful in their lives and are both desperate and disappointed. Over the past few years, Sunil has showcased thousands of personally successful thoughts on his channel. His posts, Shayari and poems on the channel have received 20,000 to 25,000 shares, which is highly remarkable in the segment. 

His channel even won the Bravo International Book of World Records for having the most subscriber base on a Telegram channel. But his most significant achievement was receiving the India Book of Records award for the “Most Popular Motivational Channel.”

But Sunil ydv SS was not always so successful. Initially, he tried to achieve success with eight of his startups. Unfortunately, he failed to do so and went into a state of depression to the point of committing suicide. However, his family and friends helped him to cope up with it and gave him the thought that many other people are doing the same thing because of their constant failures. In addition to his family, he received the most support from his Best Friend Kranti Yadav. After learning this, he wanted to improve the lives of people suffering from daily pain and depression, and so he started his Telegram channel SS Motivation. 

After that, he achieved many national and international awards for his relentless efforts and contributions to society with his channel. Some of these include the Rashtra Prerna Award, Rex karamveer Chakra, Incredible Indian Icon award, and Iconic Personality Award 2019. To date, he has received more than 23 such awards. But his story does not end with the channel and his entrepreneurship journey. He is even planning to make a break into Bollywood as an actor or filmmaker. He reported the same to a few correspondents. He believes that taking risks can make a person more responsible and is willing to put all his energy into fulfilling his dreams.

Besides this, Sunil’s personal Facebook page Sunil ydv SS has more than 8,54,000 followers, and his Facebook page SS Motivation has more than 63,000 followers. Additionally, his Facebook profile, i.e., Sunil Kumar (SS), has more than 100,000 followers. Aside from this, he has worked as a social worker for many different causes and with so many politicians. His Facebook page Sunil ydv SS and Telegram channel SS Motivation have more followers than many politician’s channels and pages. 

Sunil once said that “ A person should test themselves during the worst stages of life. By doing so, they will get o know more about their aptitude.” With the same positivity, he wants others to get influenced and influence their friends and family members.

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