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2 more Cong MLAs resign in Karnataka; BJP demands resignation of CM

The on going political crises in Karnataka deepened as two more Congress MLA submitted their resignation. Two Congress MLAs, MTB Nagaraj and Dr. K Sudhakar submitted their resignation to the speaker of the Assembly in Bengaluru. However he has not yet accepted any resignations till date. In a press conference, Sudhakar spoke of the steps that need to be taken as well as the procedures to be followed before a decision is taken on the matter. 

When the two Congress MLA’s reached the Assembly to were submit their resignations a scuffle broke out between them and Congress MLAs. Both were locked into a room briefly to prevent them from resigining

After the protest, Former CM B.S Yeddyurrappa met Governor and claimed that the current coalition government has lost the majority and the CM should resign. Later he met with the Speaker of the Assembly too. 

In Mumbai, too, drama unfolded at the hotel where rebel leaders are putting up. Congress leaders D Shivakumar wasn’t allowed to enter the hotel, where he had booked a room. When he refused to budge, Mumbai police detained him. He has now been released and is being sent back to Bengaluru. MLAs had written to the Police Commisioner in Mumbai seeking security. They said that Shivakumar’s arrival was a threat to them. 

The political crisis in Karnataka reached the Supreme Court as well when 10 rebel Congress and JD(S) MLAs moved their plea alleging that the state Assembly Speaker is deliberately not accepting their resignations.  

The echoes of the crisis were heard in PArliament as well. Uproar by the Congress over the political crisis stalled major part of proceedings in the Rajya Sabha for the second straight day on Wednesday. The Upper House was adjourned thrice, before being adjourned for the day after the Treasury and Opposition benches agreed to continue the discussion on Budget on Thursday. In Lok Sabha too, the Congress raised the issue for the 3rd consecutive day. Congress, TMC, DMK, NCP walked out in protest. The government however distanced itself from the crisis saying it was the Congress party’s internal matter. 

The last five days have seen 16 MLAs resigning. The coalition government in Karnataka is now on the brink of a collapse. If all the resignations are accepted the coalition will be reduced to a head count of 100 which is short of the half way mark, given the reduced strength of the house. 

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