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19 State/UTs conducting more than 140 tests/day/million: Health Ministry

While States/UTs have substantially expanded their testing network, they have also undertaken measures to facilitate widespread testing by people at large. As a result the national average of tests/day/million has substantially jumped to 180, as on date.

WHO in its Guidance Note on “Public Health Criteria to Adjust Public Health and Social Measures in the Context of COVID-19” has advised comprehensive surveillance for suspected COVID19 cases. WHO has advised that a country needs 140 tests/day/ million population.

There are currently 19 State/UTs which are conducting more than 140 tests per day per million. The State of Goa is testing highest at 1333 tests per day per million.

The Centre and ICMR have continually advised the State/UT governments to improve the number of tests conducted. Through the coordinated efforts, India’s testing per million (TPM) has increased to 10421. This has helped in early detection and timely and effective clinical management of COVID-19 cases.

In tandem with increased testing, the Confirmation Rate or Positivity Rate for India is continuously reducing and currently stands at 8.07%. There are 30 State/UTs in India which have lower Positivity Rate than the India average. This indicates that Centre-led initiative of increased testing is working in yielding positive results.

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