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14,792 confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in country so far

Out of these, 2,014 patients have recovered and have been discharged from the hospitals, while 488 patients have died.

Briefing media in New Delhi, Health Ministry official said that mortality rate in the  country is around 3.3 per cent due to COVID-19 infection. He said, as per age-wise analysis, it was found that  14.4 per cent  death has been reported in age group of 0 to 45 years, 10.3 per cent in the age group of  45 to 60 years, 33.1 per cent  between 60 to 75 years rs it is 33.1 per cent and  for 75 years  and above, the death per cent  is 42.2 per cent. He also informed that 83 per cent death cases had co-morbidity. 

The Health Ministry official said that the  action taken on the field level is yielding positive results as Mahe in Puducherry and Kodagu in Karnataka have not registered any new case in last 28 days. Besides this, 45 other districts in 23 states have also not registered any new case in last 14 days.

The official also informed that 4,291 COVID-19 cases are connected with a single source in Nizamuddin Markaz cluster. Cases which have come up from these source are found in 23 States and UTs. He said, 84 per cent  cases are in Tamil Nadu, 63 per cent cases in Delhi, 79 per cent in Telangana, and 59 per cent  cases in Uttar Pradesh. 

Home Ministry official said that both the Centre and states have started control rooms and helpline numbers for addressing citizen’s problems. She said, all states have started State and District Emergency Centres. She informed that Labour Ministry has started 20 Control rooms for addressing grievances of labourers.

She said that the new toll free numbers of the Home Ministry – 1930 and 1944 are resolving citizens’ grievances. Besides, single emergency response no. 112 is operational in 29 states and Union Territories and police, fire and ambulance services can be availed on contacting on  this number. 

The official said, foreign citizens who are stranded in India due to spread of COVID-19 and whose visas have expired or going to be expired, would be extended till midnight of 3rd of May , 2020, upon receipt of online application by the foreigner.

She said, exit to foreign nationals stranded in India, if so requested by them during this period, will also be granted to them up to 14 days beyond 3rd May till 17th May without levy of overstay penalty.

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