Friday , April 16 2021
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13 African countries see COVID-19 cases surpassing 10,000

Also, the situation in some Africa countries had deteriorated after local authorities relaxed their coronavirus restrictions.

The number of confirmed cases in Gambia had jumped from 78 to 1,623, showing a trend of massive outbreak. The Gambian Ministry of Health believed the rise was caused by reopening of flight borders and relaxation of control measures.

The Zambian Ministry of Health said that several regions of the country had reported confirmed cases and the country was already seeing an massive outbreak.

Uganda was in the third phase of the pandemic spread with half of the country’s districts reporting confirmed cases, according to the Uganda Ministry of Health.

In Liberia, Vice President Jewel Taylor tested positive for the virus on Monday.

The Zimbabwean government said on Wednesday that the country had 18 more COVID-19 deaths on the day, a new high in daily fatalities.

All of the cases were confirmed positive for the virus after the patients were deceased, adding difficulties to trace the virus’ spread.

While the virus continues to spread on the continent, some African countries have taken active response measures to tackle the epidemic.

Zambia has been cooperating with other countries on developing coronavirus vaccines and urged its own researchers to gather pace in their work.

The Ugandan president appointed a working panel composed of staffers from various departments to implement the presidential instructions on COVID-19 containment. The panel would distribute facial masks among communities nationwide and instruct the public on how to use the masks properly.

Answering the call of the World Health Organization, Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde called on the public to promote the use of facial masks and officially announced the launch of the MaskEthiopia Campaign to contain the virus’ spread.

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