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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Woman die after delivering baby in a ferry in Udaipur village

mother-diedUdaipur : In an unfortunate incident, a thirty year old woman died after delivering her baby in a boat at Bhagal Phala of Gamdi village under Gatod gram panchayat of Sarada block in Udaipur. The incident took place on Thursday late evening when the pregnant woman Amri Meena wife of Ambalal Meena was being ferried to the hospital after she went into labor.

The village Bhagal Phala remains surrounded by water after heavy rains and therefore the villagers have to take a ferry to reach the nearest health center. Amri experienced the pain but before her family could reach the hospital, she delivered a baby girl inside the ferry. Though she gave birth to a healthy baby girl but her condition worsened and she died soon lacking medical care. The excitement and happiness of the child birth transformed into gloom for the family due to her death.

Villagers claimed that such incidents were frequent because ferry is the only means of transport from the village which becomes a big problem specially in cases of medical emergencies. Since there is no road or bridge for road transportation, the villagers do not have access to the ambulance services which is a great setback for them. 


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