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Thursday , August 24 2017
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Weddings with global themes the rage

Singer Usha Uthup and an international band will perform at a destination wedding hosted by a city based corporate house for the twins in the family in Udaipur. Instead of a traditional ‘royal’ theme for the wedding, the corporate house has opted for a ‘fusion’ theme with a modern touch and elements of the famous Rio Carnival of Brazil.

With changing times, traditional Gujarati weddings are getting more upmarket and more people are opting for innovative theme-based weddings.

From Russian and Chinese dancers to piano players, weddings have become a globally-influenced event now. Anand Doshi, a wedding planner said that there is great demand for Russian dancers, piano players, choreographers and orchestras for pre and post wedding events.

The services of stand-up comedians and international dance troupes are being offered with international fusion themes for weddings in the city this year.

“A group of professionals are hired to welcome the groom and bring the bride to the mandap unlike earlier when the family did it. There is a demand for piano players and Russian and Chinese dancers. Families hire choreographers and the couple, their parents and close friends and family start preparing song sequences 10 days before the wedding. Besides this, there are more days of events now including mehendi, sangeet, wedding, maameru and reception, all held on separate days,” said Doshi.

According to wedding planners, there are very few auspicious dates this year and even less next year. This has led to multiple wedding events being held on the few available dates this year.

“The budgets for most weddings has increased by 10-15% this year. Families had been spending anywhere between Rs 15 lakh to Rs 50 lakh for wedding-related events,” said Doshi. “In the destination wedding which we are handling in Udaipur, the theme is ‘Double the Fun’ as twins are getting married. Though Udaipur is known for its royal themes, this time we are having an international band and dance troupe to focus on a younger crowd,” said Raj Batra, managing director, Mosaic Events.

The theme-based weddings are now not only limited to high-end customers as more and more and mid-size weddings are also being organized on various themes. “At one wedding we had Las Vegas based entertainment group ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ performing in the city,” added Batra.


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