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Monday , August 21 2017
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Villagers vandalize MLA’s toll booth on Chittorgarh state highway

Udaipur : An army of villagers went on a rampage at a toll booth near Singhpur village under Kapasan police station in Chittorgarh district on Tuesday, thrashing the staffers and vandalising property.  The toll booth is managed by Prem Singh Bajore, legislator of Neemka Thana and chairman of the Sainik Kalyan Board. The villagers claimed the toll employees misuse the legislator’s powers by bullying the locals and extorted toll fees for passing despite they being the residents of the area. On a written complaint by the toll employees, FIR has been lodged against 10 persons and many unidentified people. “ The situation is normal and the operations have resumed at the toll plaza. No one has been arrested so far and a proper investigation would be conducted” Chittorgarh SP Prasanna Kumar Khamesra told Daily Kiran.

The incident took place in the afternoon when a group of villagers from Kapasan and surrounding areas had gone to the toll plaza to hold peace talks demanding toll exemption for their vehicles. The residents said that the toll booth was set up 5 years ago and that the locals had been exempted of the toll fee since then. However, the problem arouse a month ago when the revenue collection contract was awarded to a new party. The residents had been complaining for over a month against the staffers for demanding money from local vehicles for road passing. The villagers also complained about the potholes and unmaintained condition that made their journey difficult. However, the peace talk turned ugly as abuses were hurled from both sides. “ By the time police reached the spot, villagers had fled. According to the toll staff, attackers  were around 50 to 60 in numbers. They vandalized the booth property, computers and barricades were damaged, they manhandled staffers” Durga Prasad Dadeech, SHO Kapasan police station said.


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