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Friday , August 18 2017
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Udaipur police helping addicts beat their disease

‘Treating drug addiction as a disease rather than a crime’

pahalUdaipur : For decades, police department have been on the front lines of the war on drugs. Cops find themselves arresting more addicts than drug dealers. However, realizing that tackling the supply of drugs isn’t just enough, Udaipur police has set out on an initiative called ‘Pahal’ to help addicts to beat their disease.  The venture is in a joint collaboration with Alankar Foundation, an NGO and Geetanjali Hospital.

“A 15 day camp for rehabilitation of the drug addicts as a part of Pahal, has begun where 55 identified patients would undergo rehabilitation till December 27” ChandraSheel Thakur, Additional SP said. This is the second consecutive year when Udaipur police is organizing the camp. “ Last year we had identified and treated 50 drug addicts. We met great success as more than 40 of them got completely rid of the disease and leading a contented life” informed Devkishan Sharma, president Alankar foundation. In the present camp, addicts have been put through the first process of detoxification.

“Once their body is cleared off all the chemicals and the patients get stable, they would be taken to the second level of treatment with medication, meditation-yoga and counseling sessions” Sharma said. Most of the patients inducted for the rehab fall in the age bracket of 18 to 35 years and one or two of above 40 years. The organizers had held rallies, awareness camps and put up hoardings at several junctions of the city to let more people benefit of the rehabilitation program. “ Once they complete the treatment, we will ensure they do not get back to drugs by means of regular follow-ups. We also try to help these people to find suitable means of livelihood so that they channelize their energy into a creative path” Thakur said.


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