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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Udaipur has a green power railway station now

Udaipur : With the commissioning of a 20 KWP solar power plant, Udaipur became the second railway junction in the state after Ajmer, to work on green power technology. The solar power plant is expected to bring down the dependence of the station on the traditional energy to a considerable extent and would enable Railway to  save 2.62 lakh rupees annually, said Naresh Salecha, divisional railway manager at Ajmer division of NWR, after inaugurating the plant. “ The solar plant will provide totally green source of energy.

IMG-20150405-WA0036It will generate 37,500 units of electricity a year and will work for 25 years. Thus Railways would not only save 65.62 lakh rupees from the entire project but also contribute towards conservation of energy by the promotion of renewable energy sources” Salecha said. The project is an initiative under the corporate social responsibility between North Western Railway Ajmer, Container Corporation Ltd (CONCOR) and CEL (Central electronics Ltd.). At Ajmer, a 40KWP solar plant was inaugurated in the mid of February. Anil Kumar Gupta, CMD of CONCOR, senior electricity officer Suresh Goyal, regional manager Kamal Sharma and many other officials were present on the occasion. With the solar power plant functioning, all the lights and fans at the various platforms and offices, reservation counters etc will operate on the green power.


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