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Friday , August 18 2017
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Triple murder in remote tribal village stuns police

Grocer, wife and daughter killed in a village in Jhadol

Udaipur : In a bizarre case of blind murder, a grocery trader, his wife and 10 year old daughter were found dead on Monday morning at different locations in Rehadi fala village of the Khatikmadi panchayat of remote Jhadol tehsil in the district. The remote village is situated on a hillock some 30 kilometers away from the tehsil headquarters. One or more unknown person had slit the throats of all the three members and killed them. The bodies of couple were found in their home while the girl’s body was seen in a nearby field. Extra marital affair or money dispute are told to be the probable reasons behind the gruesome incident that has shocked not only the inmates but even the police department. SP Ajaypal Lamba went to the crime scene to take stock of the situation and forces from 4 surrounding police stations were deployed to prevent any untoward incident further.

The incident took place at the household of Shivlal son of Deetaram Bhajat, a 34-year-old grocer who ran a small kirana store in a portion of his house. According to the police, on Sunday night some who went to his shop apparently on the pretext of buying grocery killed the grocer by slitting his throat with some sharp edged weapon. His wife Pemasi wife who perhaps came out hearing her husband’s cries tried to escape but the killer chased the lady behind the grain storage container and killed her too in the same manner. Rambha, the ten year old daughter of the couple who happened to see the murderer ran upto some 50 meters out of the house but the attacker chased and killed her in the fields. Two small children of the couple who were sleeping in the house, luckily were left unhurt as the attacker didn’t try to get into the rooms. No one had heard noises of the victims and hence remained unaware of the incident till morning.

On Monday morning when Shivlal’s brother Mohanlal came to his house to collect the cattles for grazing, he was dumbfounded to see the dead bodies of his brother and sister-in law. Large number of villagers gathered at the spot and police was informed. Additional SP Hanuman Prasad, Deputy SP Ganpatlal Choubey, CI Nanalal Salvi of Jhadol police station and others arrived at the spot. A forensic team also arrived to collect blood samples and other evidences from the crime spot. There were no traces of loot attempt since nothing was seen missing or out of place inside the house. Police suspect it either to be a case of extramarital affairs or money dispute since they found a pen in Shivlal’s hand. It is assumed that the victim had been writing on a slip and perhaps some customer in an inebriated condition would have entered into a quarrel during bargaining.


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