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Thursday , August 24 2017
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Tiger Monu infected of deadly leptospirosis, foresters-docs also take anti biotic dosage

Udaipur : Monu, the male tiger at the Sajjangarh Biological park here have been diagnosed of suffering from leptospirosis, a disease quite infectious and caused by a bacteria called Leptospira. Few tigers and tigress at Sunderbans, Jalandhar and Jodhpur had fell prey to the disease in last two years. The bacteria is said to infect beasts of the cat and dog family very rapidly. Monu was brought here a month ago from the Bannerghatta national park, Bangalore and had been ill for few days. Lacking a medical expert for wild animals here, pet animal expert had been treating Monu, but seeing no improvement in his health, a wild animal vet was called in from Jodhpur who identified the symptoms and began a timely treatment. The forest department had send the tiger’s blood sample to the Indian Veterinary Research Center (IVRC) at Bareilly which came out to be positive.

Tiger MonuThe report has now sounded an alert with the forest department which is now taking all precautions to keep safe the rest of the animals in the park. T. MohanRaj, the deputy conservator of forest and Ram Singh, the caretaker who had been looking after Monu all these days, without taking any precautions, have been given anti biotic doses, fearing infection. Four teams have been constituted who will observe the rest of the animals and give them anti-biotic dosage. The doctors team also is maintaining all precautions, sources said.

“ The most common animals that spread the disease are rodents. It is often transmitted by rat’s urine or by water or soil containing animal urine coming into contact with breaks in the skin, nose or eyes of the wild animals” informed Dr Lalit Joshi of Govt Veterinary hospital here. The disease first affects the kidney and later may lead to multiple organ failure, experts said. Human beings too may get infected from the animals. Effective rat control and avoidance of urine contaminated water sources are essential preventive measures. Meanwhile the forest department is also making arrangements for rodent control in the park. The rat holes are being closed so as to keep them away from the enclosures of the inmates. On Tuesday, the tiger’s health is told to have shown some improvement. The beast is too weak to eat raw meat but it took the soup given and is on drip treatment. According to experts, the treatment and results in next five days would determine its actual health condition.


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