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Monday , August 21 2017
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Tiger Monu fights hard despite high creatinine level

A board of 5 doctors including experts from Jaipur and Jodhpur zoo are treating Monu with the best known medicines, they too are astonished by the immense courage put in by the tiger himself, for his life.

Udaipur : Despite a very high creatinine level in his body, Monu, the 7-year-old male tiger at the Sajjangarh Biological park here is fighting hard for survival. The big cat  is suffering from ‘Leptospirosis’, a deadly bacterial infection usually caused by rodents, which has badly damaged its kidney. Against the normal held count of 3 percent in any living being, the creatinine level in Monu’s blood had gone up as high as 15.9 few days back. However, it has come down to 7.8 now, which still remains a cause of concern for the experts who have been treating the beast for two weeks now. After two sluggish days, on Monday, Monu exhibited some revival symptoms that has again given a ray of hope to the doctors. A board of 5 doctors including experts from Jaipur and Jodhpur zoo are treating Monu with the best known medicines, they too are astonished by the immense courage being put in by the tiger himself, to fight for his life. “ Monu has shown us What it is to be a Tiger?. It is un believable to see  him  battling the disease at this crticial stage” experts claimed. ‘ It would be a great achievement for vets if he recovers’, they said.

Monu was brought at the park some 45 days ago  from the Bannerghatta national park, Bangalore. On March 25, he was diagnosed of suffering from Leptospirosis, a disease that has killed many tigers at Sunderbans, Jalandhar, Jodhpur and Chandigarh in the recent past. With no wild life doctor available in the Udaipur forest division, pet experts from the government polyclinic of the Animal Husbandry department were called in first but later Dr Shravan Singh Rathore, wild life expert from Jodhpur Zoo attended the big cat. Its blood sample were sent to the Indian Veterinary Research Center (IVRC) at Bareilly which confirmed the infection and kidney failure. “ The forest and animal husbandry department is leaving no stones unturned for making available the best treatments for Monu, however, his health condition is still serious” informed Dr Himanshu Vyas, one of the vet treating the beast. Though his reports are showing improvement with decreased neutrophil and TLC count, however, the kidney has been badly affected and not working properly, he said. Dr. Arvind Mathur, the expert from Jaipur Zoo examined Monu on Sunday  and have made some changes in the prescription. His blood sample have again been sent to IVRC to assess health progress. The tiger has grown too weak to move but vets are keeping him on controlled and liquid diet as excessive protein intake could increase urea level in the blood. “ On Sunday night, Monu stood on his feet and drank 4 litres of milk with two beaten eggs. He also consumed 2.5 litres of beef soup which shows some improvement in his health. ” Dr Vyas said. Presently, the tiger is kept in isolation and on a fluid therapy and being given antibiotics accompanied by multi vitamin dosages. The remaining big cats including 3 panthers, 4 lions and a tigress are too being given antibiotics regularly to keep them safe of infection.

The forest department have been waiting eagerly  for a date from the CM for the inauguration of the first Biological Park in the state here. Finally when the date has been fixed for April 12, Monu’s ill health has taken away the excitement and now the entire department is putting in efforts for his speedy recovery.


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