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Saturday , August 19 2017
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Three kids die after house collapse in Chittorgarh

Udaipur : Three children including two girls died on the spot after an old house collapsed in the wee hours of Wednesday in Juni Begu area in Chittorgarh district. Two among four others injured were said to be in a critical condition who have been admitted in the district hospital, police said.

The incident took place at Begu, a small town around 4 in the morning. Some construction work was ongoing in the basement of a house in the locality. There was an old house adjacent to the building inhabited by two families. The digging had gone quite deep that perhaps effected the foundation of the neighboring house. On Wednesday morning, the men in the house had gone to perform the ‘sehri’ rituals during Ramadaan while the children were fast asleep. One of the walls came crashing down suddenly and the family members were caught in the debris. Alsifa (8), Naina (8) and their eight month old brother Saran were buried in the debris and died on the spot while four others including two women were rushed to the hospital.

It was too early and the rescue team didn’t arrive therefore the kids could not be saved, eyewitnesses said. Six members of the family had gone out for ‘Sehri’ and hence escaped, otherwise the fatality would have been severe, sources claimed. A case of negligence has been taken against the people responsible for the construction work at the Begu police station.


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