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Monday , August 21 2017
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Three arrested after ADM inform police of eve teasing

Udaipur : The Ambamata police arrested three youth from Fatehsagar lakeside on Monday evening on charges of eve teasing after they got a call from the ADM-city (additional district magistrate) himself. Chhogaram Devasi, the officer who was on an evening walk along with his family at the secluded Rani road end, was taken aback when he saw some boys passing lewd remarks on girls seated on the railings, as they recklessly drove past them. The boys continued to hover around, racing on their bikes which drew attention of the passerbys. Some senior citizens who happened to witness the incident, informed Devasi that eve teasing is a routine in the area and there were no check on such crime despite the fact that the place is visited by large number of people throughout the day.

The people also demanded stringent measures to ensure safety in the locality. Devasi informed the Ambamata police to keep a watch, however, as the officer was walking back home, he saw the same boys repeating the act as they rode by. This irked the officer who ordered the cops to arrest them. Some one also tipped on the registration number of the vehicle which made easier for the policemen to nab the three culprits. On Tuesday, the additional magistrate discussed the issue with the collector who instructed the SP to take proper action to prevent such incidents in future. ” We will take up a campaign soon to curb eve teasing by arresting eve-teasers. Parents and teachers would be asked to counsel youngsters against speed riding and any activity which could land embarrassing them later” Devasi said.


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