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The Most Unusual Holiday Destinations in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is exotic and colorful. It is filled with wonderful places to see and great things to do. The region also offers some of the most unusual and bizarre activities in midst of their diverse traditions and legends. With that said, here’s a list of unconventional activities, and some of them can be slightly crazy.

Trigger Happy In Cambodia

Cambodia is known for its serene, beautiful rice fields and coconut trees swaying in unison during the wet season, but the country is also known for something else – bazookas and hand guns for your pleasure.

There is a military base, Airborne Brigade, where children of military personnel will rush to greet you the moment your tuk-tuk stops. Here you can get your hands on the legendary AK47 in Hollywood action flicks, throw hand grenades, and even fire an RPG or a bazooka.

Armored vehicles and heavy military grade artillery is the name of game. For those of you who have never had the opportunity to hold a weapon or much less fire it in your country. Cambodia is the best place to experience firearms.

Hindu Festival in Malaysia

After Deepavali, Thaipusam is the biggest festival that is celebrated by Hindus in Malaysia, and it usually falls sometime in the first two months of the year.

A national holiday, Thaipusam is celebrated to offer prayers to the Legendary Lord Murugan, the divine embodiment of Lord Shiva’s light and wisdom, who vanquished the evil Tarakasura and his army of Asuras.

The Kavadi Attam, otherwise known as the Burden Dance, is a ceremonial sacrifice where offerings are performed by the devotees of Lord Murugan with an emphasis on debt bondage.

Devottes prepare by cleansing themselves through prayer and fasting for 48 days before Thaipusam. Only satvik food is consumed once a day, and devotees have to shave their heads on their way to the pilgrimage. Some devotees can be seen with piercings through their tongue, cheek, and other body parts.

A High Protein Cuisine, a.k.a Bugs

Yes, you read that right. But bugs are not only an amazing source of protein, they also contain fiber, healthy fats, necessary vitamins, and minerals.

These little insects are mostly grilled, fried, and enjoyed with spicy Golden Mountain sauce and Thai pepper powder. Then again, some Southeast Asian countries also eat them raw and alive, such as the Sago Worm which is a very popular dish in Malaysia.

Drunk Tubing in Vang Vieng

If you are looking to party hard, get drunk and perform stupid acts, Vang Vieng is the place to be. Get drunk on Lao Lao, a local drink which translates to rice whiskey and you can choose between tubing, the diving platforms, zip lines, or giant slides.

Most tourists here end up drunk and high, lying back in a tube and left in the water to enjoy their stupor. When done, tourists will be thrown a rope using which, they will have to pull themselves back ashore. Every year, backpackers come here to get high and stay back for months.

The Museum of Torture

Suan Rom, also known as the Museum of Corrections or the Museum of Tortures is situated in Bangkok. It was built back in the 19th century as a jail for punishments but has now been transformed into a historical attraction popularly known as the incarceration museum.

Legend has it that it was modeled after the Brixton Prison of England, where swords and other weapons were used for torture and execution. The most notorious weapon, still on display, is a man-sized rattan ball with pointed iron nails on the inside.

The museum also contains several handicrafts and furniture that are on sale and were made by the inmates during their years of imprisonment, captivity, and torture.

Long-neck Hill Tribe

Hundreds of Burmese refugees formed small tribes in Northern Thailand, but one tribe is particularly famous. The women of this tribe, located in Karen villages, wear long brass rings around their neck for years from a very young age. As they grow older, the neck is further elongated with more rings added to their neck. They also wear heavy ornaments around their arms and shins.

Life is all about exploring new cultures, meeting new people, following old traditions, and most importantly, trying new but challenging activities. Remember though, safety is still of paramount importance.


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