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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Thapki Pyar Ki : Aryan breaks Lovely’s CD

Image result for thapki pyar ki cast hot imagesIn the latest episode of Thapki Pyar Ki, Lovely is seen in the store room with Thapki tied on to a chair. She offers her food, but Thapki refuses to eat. On seeing Aryan approaching towards the store room, Lovely panics and sedates Thapki with an injection.

Lovely then hurriedly calls on Aryan’s number and calls her at a place. She seemed in a lot of distress over the phone, therefore Aryan instantly leaves from there. The former then runs to the adress given to Aryan so that she could reach there before him. As soon as Aryan reaches there, Lovely walks up to him and hugs him asking him to save her. She then tells Aryan that it was some dogs that chased her there and starts weeping, asking Aryan why he didn’t stop her when she was leaving the house. She also says that had Bihaan been in his place, he would have never let her go.


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