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Young children’s oral bacteria may predict obesity

Weight gain trajectories in early childhood are related to the composition of oral bacteria of two-year-old children, suggesting that this understudied aspect of a child’s microbiota — the collection of microorganisms, including beneficial bacteria, residing in the mouth — could serve as an early indicator for childhood obesity. A study ... Read More »

Suspending young students risks future success in school

Some kindergartners and first-graders suspended from school can find it challenging to reverse the negative trajectory in their academic life, says a University of Michigan researcher. These young suspended students — especially boys — are likely to be suspended again later in elementary school, according to Zibei Chen, a research ... Read More »

What are the effects of alcohol access on risky behaviors in young adults?

Wiley. “What are the effects of alcohol access on risky behaviors in young adults?.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 6 September 2018. <>. Wiley. (2018, September 6). What are the effects of alcohol access on risky behaviors in young adults?. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 6, 2018 from Wiley. “What are the effects of ... Read More »

‘Live fast, die young’ lifestyle reflected in birds’ feathers

Animals’ lives tend to follow a quicker tempo as they get farther from the equator — birds at more northern latitudes mature faster, start reproducing younger, and live shorter lives, probably as a way of dealing with seasonal variation in resources. A new study from The Auk: Ornithological Advances shows ... Read More »

Little star sheds light on young planets

Early in 2017, Assistant Professor Yoko Oya gave graduate student Yuki Okoda some recent complex data on a nearby star with which she could begin her Ph.D. Little did she realize that what she would find could unlock not only the secrets of how planets form but possibly her career ... Read More »