Friday , September 21 2018
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Nokia 9 or Nokia 7.1 Plus could land on October 4

HMD Global – the company behind the recent Nokia phones – is holding an event on October 4 where it’s set to announce a new smartphone. We know this because we've got an invite and it reads that the event will be used to “welcome the latest addition to the ... Read More »

Test could detect patients at risk from lethal fungal spores

Scientists at The University of Manchester have discovered a genetic mutation in humans linked to a 17-fold increase in the amount of dangerous fungal spores in the lungs. The study, published in Nature Communications could allow doctors to screen patients at risk from Aspergillus, and could easily be developed into ... Read More »

Moderate warming could melt East Antarctic Ice Sheet

Parts of the world’s largest ice sheet would melt if Antarctic warming of just 2°C is sustained for millennia, according to international research. University of Queensland scientist Dr Kevin Welsh was part of a team that used evidence from warm periods in Earth’s history to see how the East Antarctic ... Read More »

Certification for AI technology could soon be a reality

Can AI survive without public trust? The Foundation for Responsible Robotics thinks that without official quality control, the technology will never truly succeed – which is why it has teamed up with professional services network Deloitte to create a certified mark of quality for machine intelligence technology.  Co-directed by Professor ... Read More »

Samsung could be about to launch a quad-lens camera phone

It’s widely rumored that Samsung will stick three rear cameras on at least one version of the Samsung Galaxy S10, but before that we could see a Samsung phone with four rear cameras. There’s a lot of evidence for that, starting with an October 11 event that Samsung Mobile teased ... Read More »

Tweaking cells’ gatekeepers could lead to new way to fight cancer

If the cell nucleus is like a bank for DNA, nuclear pores are the security doors around its perimeter. Yet more security doors aren’t necessarily better: some cancer cells contain a dramatic excess of nuclear pores. Salk Institute researchers reported on September 18, 2018, in the journal Genes & Development ... Read More »

A key to climate stabilization could be buried deep in the mud

Earth’s peatland soils store a lot of carbon — about as much as currently flows freely through the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. As global temperatures rise, scientists worry that the planet’s grip on these carbon reservoirs could weaken, unleashing a “carbon bomb” that could further destabilize Earth’s climate systems. But ... Read More »