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Sunday , August 20 2017
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T-24 stress-free & healthy, completes 6 months in Sajjangarh Biological Park

Udaipur : T-24 also known as Ustad, the big cat from Ranthambore wilds is completely stress free and healthy thought he’s not yet ready to face human glares. The 9-year-old majestic animal was shifted on May 17 at Sajjangarh Biological Park here and after 6 months of stay now, the committee constituted to monitor his wellness affirmed a positive report of the acclimatization process, claimed Rahul Bhatnagar, the chief conservator of forest.

Tourists visiting in large numbers from far and wide are curious to know about T-24, however, people will have to wait for some more time since the forest department is not yet sure whether Ustad could be shifted in the public display area. Presently the beast is caged in a secluded area of the park where entry for the park employees is also restricted. Except for the caretaker and the doctors, no one is allowed to go near Ustad’s cage, he exhibits his displeasure on seeing intruders, park sources informed.

To prevent him from hit injuries, the tiger is kept protected by putting visual barriers all over the cage. Green and yellow colored net covers the area so that the beast doesn’t harm himself by hitting against the cage walls in case of irritation and anger.

“ The medical team have regularly being monitoring his diet-intake and the left overs next day which has been found to be absolutely normal” Bhatnagar said. The tiger is kept under CCTV surveillance.

The tiger was banished from Ranthambore sanctuary for allegedly have killed four people in five years. Foresters had believed that the beast had become very bold and lost shyness of human beings and hence it was dangerous to allow it a free run in the wild.


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