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Wednesday , September 20 2017
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Sex suffers when man demands perfection from partner

Here’s a lesson for men who want perfectionism in everything — even in the bedroom! Researchers have found that setting exceedingly high standards of performance between the sheets may put your sex life in jeopardy by causing sexual dysfunction in your female partner.

Partner-prescribed sexual perfectionism can lead to decrease in female sexual function regarding arousal, showed the findings published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

The study led by professor Joachim Stoeber from the University of Kent in Britain also found that partner-prescribed sexual perfectionism contributed to negative self-image.

Perfectionism is defined as a “striving for flawlessness and the setting of exceedingly high standards for performance, accompanied by tendencies for overly critical self-evaluations and concerns about negative evaluations by others”.

It is a common personality characteristic that may affect all domains of life. However, the longer term consequences of how it affects people’s sex life had previously not been explored.


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