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Friday , August 18 2017
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School teachers to get lessons in road safety

Udaipur : With an aim to cut down the number of accidents and ensure safer mobility, the state government has come up with a pilot project to convert the school teachers as certified road safety trainers who would further impart the knowledge to their pupils. With no syllabus on road safety at any level of education so far, this initiative is claimed to be the first of its kind in the country where the trained teachers would spread awareness on traffic rules. The first three-day master training program is to be held in Rajsamand from January 9, where some 400 participants from more than 360 schools and colleges would receive lessons on road safety. The safety training program is being jointly organized by the Department of Disaster Management, Transport, Education Department, Centre for Road Safety-Jaipur and Sardar Patel University for Police and Criminal Justice –Jodhpur.

Road transport remains the least safe mode of transport, with road accidents representing the main cause of death of people. “In Rajasthan, on an average 9 thousand people die and 30 thousand are injured every year. Total 9528 people were killed of the 22,969 road accidents in 2012 here. The boom in the vehicle population without adequate road infrastructure, poor attention to driver training and unsatisfactory regulation has been responsible for increase in the number of accidents” said Veerendra Singh Rathore, the Rajsamand DTO. In the above context, the responsibility on the stake holders especially the transport, police department and Municipal Corporations have become more greater, he added.

It is essential to take new initiatives in raising public awareness, in order to ensure safe mobility. There has always been a need to spread awareness about road safety,but little has been done in this regard. We have taken up the task of educating people about driving safely and responsibly, Rathore said. Selected teachers from secondary and senior secondary schools will be given training on legal, security and technical aspects. They would be certified trainers on road safety for any future programs related to the issue and also expected to impart awareness on a regular basis during the school assembly at their schools. In next phases, more teachers at different districts will be given such training to ensure mass coverage of the program. Noted trainer Amit Khatri, head of Misri Road Safety Trainers and Consultants, Ahmedabad would give the training.


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