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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Sasural Simar Ka : Sanjana fasts for Samir

Image result for Sasural Simar KaIn the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka, Sanjana shares with everyone how Samirwent out to attend a call at night. Simar fears his intentions. They all decide to disperse for the night and sleep. It is shown that Samir has overheard their talk.

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In order to lure Samir to her side, Sanjana keeps fast and tells the same to Samir. She asks him to return early in the evening so she can eat her first morsel from his hand.

Image result for Sasural Simar Ka  hotAfter this, Sanjana pretends to trip and Samir comes to her rescue, which irks Anjali. Later, Anjali and Samir have an argument about the same in their room. Samir tells her that Sanjana would have to give a big test in the evening which will prove if she genuinely loves him or not.

Samir returns in the evening and asks Sanjana to drink poison to prove her love for him, which leaves everyone surprised. Despite Simar’s objections, Sanjana consumes poison and falls sick. She is taken to the hospital and her life is declared to be critically serious. Samir leaves Anjali’s side and goes to see Sanjana at the hospital.



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